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Quartier Militaire State Secondary School (Under the aegis of the Ministry of Education & Human Resources)

Rules and Regulations


1.0  School Hours / Attendance / Punctuality.
1.1    School starts at 8:00 a.m. with daily Morning Assembly. Pupils are expected to reach school a   few minutes earlier.
1.2    A pupil who is regularly late for flimsy reasons (such as transport problems etc) will be liable to disciplinary action.
1.3    A pupil who is late three or more times during a week will be given a one hour detention. In case of repetition the Responsibility Party will be called to school for necessary explanation.
1.4   A pupil who is late three or more times


2.0 School uniform and Tidiness
2.1    A pupil must wear the school uniform on all occasions when she is attending school or any  school  function  including both internal and external examinations period.
2.2   The uniform consists of a school tunic – knee length, white blouse, white socks and white or black shoes, or trainers but not sandals.
2.3   No fancy shoes are allowed.
2.4   Plain white T-shirts and black shorts / tights should be worn for Physical Education .
2.5   Hair bands should be white or black/dark blue. No fancy hair style – no hair dye
2.6   Cardigans or jackets should be Black.
2.7   Winter Uniform consists of black school trousers , plain black jacket or cardigan.
2.8   Jeans are not allowed.
2.9   No Jewellery, nail varnish , mehendi or make up is allowed.
3.0   A pupil failing to wear the school uniform runs the risk of being punished at any time without warning , she will be asked to change in proper school uniform immediately.
3.1   All students are expected to be always clean and tidy.
4.0 Courtesy to Staff / Absence of Staff
4.1   If a teacher is absent, pupils wait in the classroom and not in the school compound for another teacher to replace the absent one.
5.0 Discipline
5.1   A pupil is under school discipline the moment she leaves home for school until she is back home.
5.2   When school is released pupils are expected to go home directly and not to loiter around .
5.3   No permission will be given to students to leave the classroom after 14:00, except in exceptional cases.
5.4  When leaving classrooms after the last bell, pupils must walk out in an orderly manner to take the school bus. Rushing and stampeding on the staircase is very dangerous.
5.5   The misbehavior of a student on the way to school and back is considered a serious offence as it is against  internal  School Rules and external regulations governing the attitude that a pupil is expected to adopt  towards outsiders and good members of the public in general. Such an offence throws discredit on the good name of the school.
5.6   Pupils should behave properly in school buses as well as in any public place.
5.7   All students are expected to travel daily by School Bus when they are available. 
5.8   Pupils should accept the authority of Prefects who represent the administration and are in charge of discipline and good behavior outside the school premises .
6.0 Absences / Truancy
6.1 Attendance is compulsory.
6.2 All absences must be explained in writing in the form provided in the school journal. The pupil will hand over the journal signed by her Responsible Party to the Form Master marking the register .
6.3 Absences of more than three (3) days must be covered by a Medical Certificate.
 The Medical certificate must reach the Rector on the fourth day of absence.
6.4 A pupil who is often late or absent and who is also often reported missing from classroom and whose work and conduct are not satisfactory will be set on ‘Special Report’,i.e she will be issued a Special Report Book to be signed by the Subject Teacher  at the end of every single or double period, by the Rector in the morning before the Form period and after the last period, and by the Responsible Party when the pupil is back at home.
6.5 A pupil who is officially absent from school has not the right to be on school premises or attend classes.
7.0 Student Journal
7.1 It is compulsory for every pupil to have a Student Journal in order to monitor her conduct and performance.
7.2 Lost of School  Journal / Failure to bring School Journal – Pupils will be asked to buy immediately another one.
8.0 Valuable Items / Loss of Property
8.1 All pupils are responsible for their belongings which they should take good care of.
9.0 Mobile Phone / MP3 / MP4 / Discman  / Laptop and IPod
9.1 Use of Mobile Phone , MP4 ,MP3/Discman,IPod is strictly forbidden during classes and extra-curricular activities. Severe disciplinary action will be taken against defaulters.
10.0 Damage to School property
10.1 Scribbling on desks , chairs, walls or defacing school property in any way are all serious offences. Pupils caught doing such acts will be liable to disciplinary action.
11.0 Serious Offences
11.1 A pupil found guilty of inflicting wounds or blows on another student, will be referred to the authorities concerned.
11.2 Smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited.
 Defaulters may be referred to the “Brigade des Mineurs” / Police for necessary action.
11.3 Repetitive Cases of misbehavior and unsatisfactory work, pupil will be given extra work or an hour’s detention after school hours.


12.0 Early Departure
12.1 For Early Departure Responsible Party of the pupil concerned should come personally at school to pick up their ward.
12.2 However, the Administration reserves the right to refuse to grant such permission subject to school exigencies.
12.3 In  case  of severe illness the student has to call at the Usher’s Office accompanied by the class Captain after having obtained permission from the subject teacher .The Usher will then contact parents if necessary. No student is allowed to call their parents directly from their mobile phone.
13.0  Class Captains , Vice -Class Captains Class Representatives and Prefects.
13.1 Pupils should respect the Prefects / Class Captains who have been placed in position of special responsibility by the Rector.
13.2 Class Captains and Vice Class Captains will maintain order and discipline in the absence of the teacher. They will also carry out other duties assigned to them, such as Attendance Cards, see to it that no damage is caused to school property such as scribbling on desk, whiteboard ,etc..


14.0 Care of School environment
14.1 Littering school premises is strictly forbidden. Any pupil caught / reported littering school premises,  classrooms etc will be liable to a fine depending on the gravity of damage to environment. Chewing gum / bubble gum is not allowed.
15.0  Miscellaneous
15.1 No pupil shall stay after school hours on college premises or in classrooms for sports purposes and other activities, except with the Rector’s written permission.